JCSys Support Ten Tors

After a two year break Ten Tors ran again last weekend, JCSys were again in support.


JCSys had their yearly mass deployment to Okehampton to support HQ SW Ten Tors event.

We never fail to be impressed by the sheer scale of the event and the determination shown by the two and a half thousand 14 to 18 year old's who take part in either the 35, 45 or 55 mile challenge across Dartmoor.

JCSys are intrinsic to this event in that we deliver everything from the tentors.org website and the entry portal to the results and stats at the end of the event.  We deliver a large management information system as well as our best of breed tracking system across the Okehampton Camp to multiple agencies to keep the event running smoothly but also to keep parents and team managers in the loop as to how the teams are getting on.

Congratulations to all the teams who took part and finished the event, for the few that did not manage to complete it on time we wish you luck for next year.  We will be there again to support the event in 2023.