Innovative Solutions

When asked the question; ‘I have an idea, do you know how to do this?’

The immediate answer is ‘let us think about it’, the ultimate answer though is usually ‘YES’.

JCSys have a history of providing innovative solutions to deliver the ideas of our customers and partners.  From simulating fire and control systems, developing highly accurate tracking hardware and creating simple to use, user intuitive software, we thrive on a challenge.

Crunch Auto Test System

D3 Events partnered with JCSys took the knowledge gained from the Smart Cone system to produce a more economical variant which can be used in any vehicle without the complexity of the original Smart Cone technology.  A key factor however was producing a system that delivered the same thrilling driver experience.  A demonstration day took place at the world famous Silverstone Race Track at the beginning of March where Lamborghini, BMW and Mercedes turned up to try it out.  The day was a huge success and the drivers of all the cars thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Who knows where it will take us next!

Jaguar’s Smart Cone

Smart Cone

Jaguar’s “Smart Cone” customer experience harnesses the OXTS XNAV series of GPS/GLONASS/SBS receivers with JCSys’ software to provide a global experience to ½ million Jaguar customers.  Minerva used the same technology to deliver “Thunderbird” armoured fighting vehicle trainer technology demonstrator.

Heat Stress Monitoring

Heat Stress

JCSys have been working for the last 3 years with the Institute of Naval Medicine to prove the concept of collecting and transmitting live physiological information for individuals undergoing arduous activities from remote locations in any environment. This data is fed into an algorithm developed by the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command to provide a reading of Estimated Core Body Temp and Physiological Strain Index. These readings can be interpreted by medical personnel to ascertain the physical condition of the monitored person/s.

Mortar Fire Training System


MINERVA’s (JCSys’ simulation brand) Mortar Fire Training System (MFTS) developed in partnership with D3A Defence, enables a live mortar line to conduct training in a Live Virtual and Constructive environment for synthetic end to end training.

MFTS integrates with existing Defence Virtual Simulation architecture allowing Mortar Fire Controllers to conduct training in identification and prosecution of targets using their own allocated Mortars.