Synthetic Wrap & Networking

Go Anywhere Networking Solutions

Minerva provides tailored robust networking solutions ranging from simple WIFI access points to more complex VPN solutions with failover capabilities. Connectivity is provided using any bearer of opportunity such as SATCOM (e.g. Inmarsat (BGAN), Eutelsat (Tooway)), 3G/4G from any telecoms provider or on-site fibre/broadband.

Networking forms the backbone of the Minerva Synthetic Wrap capabilities enabling the distribution of all data such as HLA/DIS to fulfil THUNDERBIRD and Remote Representation in remote locations.

Synthetic Wrap & Live Virtual Construct (LVC)

Since 2013 Minerva Simulation & Training have been providing Live Virtual Construct (LVC), Joint Fires Simulation & Information, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Synthetic Wrap to the following Collective Training level 3+ Exercises: Ex WESSEX STORM, Ex PRARIE STORM, Ex STEEL SABRE, Ex JOINT WARRIOR & Ex SPIDERS WEB.

The Company Specialises in the following areas:

  • Synthetic Wrap (VBS2 now 3 expertise)
    • Complete Ops Room
    • FFF Viewing device (T-SSARF)
    • Remote Rover Downlink Emulation
    • VOIP and J-Chat
  • Connecting Disparate Networks (eDM)
    • Medium (BGAN, SATCOM, 3G, P2P, etc)
    • Data Rate (256kbps – 30mbps)
    • Extensive filtering and metering
  • Simulation Terrain Database Production
  • Simulated Controls
  • Joint Fires Subject Matter Expertise
  • Joint Fires Scenario Production

Tactical Part Task Trainer

The concept is simple; Fitted in the classroom environment allows new or inexperienced AFV crews to practice their skills and get used to working with each other. The system can then be vehicle mounted. The rear seats and pick-up compartment of a commercial 4x4 is temporarily configured as the turret of any AFV.

Using Challenger 2 as an example, the Gunner and Commander sit behind removable Fit, Form and Functionally correct (F3) facsimiles of the sights, optics and weapon controls. The vehicle itself is geo-referenced in the virtual environment, along with the turrets exact line of sight, thereby making THUNDERBIRD appear, and interact with, both the live and virtual worlds simultaneously in real time.