Joint Military Symbology

JCSys Ltd have been key advisors the UK MoD for many years providing expert advice for Joint Military Symbology development and implementation at both NATO and national level.

Symbology Development

Our team has been immersed within the development of the NATO Joint Military Symbology Standard APP-06. We are providing on behalf of the UK MOD guidance across all military domains in the development and implementation of new and updated military symbology.

We are leading contributors at various key national and NATO symbology fora, including the NATO IER Harmonization Working Group (IERHWG) Joint Symbology Panel (JSP), the USA Symbology Standardization Management Committee (SSMC), and the USA Cyberspace Symbology Working Group (CSWG).

Symbology Publication

Uniquely placed within the symbology community, JCSys Ltd are exceptionally well versed in both the USA and NATO Joint Military Symbology standards. Members of the JCSys Ltd team as the technical authors of STANAG 2019 - Allied Procedural Publication (APP)-06 have been directly responsible for the development and production of NATO and national symbology standards. Our activities extend to technical authorship, symbol design, standards development, adoption advice, change proposal staffing and impact assessment.

Symbology Implementation

We provide vital expert symbology advice and support to NATO and national COIs, platform development teams and front-line commands. An example of this was the development of the APP-06(D)(1) NATO Vector Graphics (NVG) bindings in support of the Federated Mission Network (FMN). We continue to provide valuable support and advice to UK Strategic Command, and Defence Digital, and DE&S Platform Teams on issues relating to UK, NATO, and US Symbology standards.