Event Safety

Designed for high-risk and lone worker activities, eXtrac is the reliable, robust and scalable global asset tracking system with a proven pedigree in military and endurance events.  eXtrac greatly enhances your situational awareness, relieving some of the pressure of running a high-risk event, with accurate position reporting, emergency alerting and two-way communication enabling timely decision making and intervention.

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Tailored System Design

JCSys can tailor the eXtrac system to your requirements whether that be a fully deployable go anywhere system or an office based situational awareness tool, we have the knowledge and expertise to fulfill your demands.  We have a range of tracking devices to suit all budgets and simple to use tailored applications or web page interfaces.

Gold Service Level

Our gold standard service allows you to concentrate on running your event to deliver the best experience possible.  JCSYs will deliver, set up, train your staff and stay on site to support you for the duration of your event.  We can deploy as a completely self-sufficient entity if required and we can add real value to your event through advising and interpreting the data from the eXtrac system.

Silver Service Level

This service offers the same benefits as the Gold apart from we do not stay for the duration.  We will deliver set up and train, only leaving when we are confident your staff are competent on the eXtrac system and how to get the best from it.

Bronze Service Level

This may be bronze but that does not mean any less capability or quality of service from us.  If you have the technically able staff available to run the system, this service level may be suitable for you.  We will provide all the equipment you need for your event; your staff will come to us for training on the entire system and will then take the equipment away and return it to us when you have completed the event.