Equipment Emulations

Minerva Indirect And Digital Fires Software

Minerva Simulation and Training now produce realistic training emulations that can be fully compatible with any form of GFX. They are ideal for training in the classroom/simulator environment and they allow the operators to train and practice using software systems used in daily operations. The Minerva Gunnery Trainer can be tailored to deliver the full range of Joint Fires Assets from Light/heavy artillery to 81/120mm Mortars.

LCDU Desk Top Training Software

The LCDU Desk Top Training (DTT) Software allows Gun Line & Command Post Operators the ability practice the issuing of Fire mission data to the gun line. This simple emulation allows Gun Commanders & Layers to play a full and active role in the simulation training and all weapon effects will be seen by Observers in the simulated environment via DIS/HLA Network. The emulation is also ideal for training at the basic level.

Current & Future Land Platforms

Current platform emulations include the Warrior BGTI/OPV Commanders flat panel screen. This allows mounted observers the ability to operate in the VBS 2/3 simulated environments.

Our emulations can support multiple future land based systems such as AJAX and MIV. Future platform installations will include the Minerva DVS (VBS-3) based Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) emulation, representing a range of vehicle functions including 360 degree situational awareness.